Friday, December 6, 2013

Caleb Turned TWO

I can't believe my little man turned two last month! Time is flying by y'all! {and Mila will be here in exactly 3 months}

We threw Caleb a little birthday party at our neighborhood's community center {no cleaning house for this momma, and no need for a contingency plan for our very unpredictable Texas weather}, and the theme was Disneyland! Surprise, surprise. 

Caleb was in love with Mickey before our Disney trip, and since the trip he is obsessed with all things Disney! His favorite movies are Toy Story 3, Up, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I wanted to bring all of our fun Disneyland memories back to life at Caleb's party...anything for a smile from my little man. Here's a peek into the birthday boy's day:

Overall, we had a great time celebrating our Disney-loving-little-man! I think Caleb LOVED his party...he took a four hour nap afterwards, so I would say it was a success!

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