Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ultrasounds & Baby Bumps

All of the pregnancy posts are on my original blog, so here is what has been going on in the growth of baby K & my baby bump:

baby K at 6-weeks

baby K at 9-weeks
baby K at 19-weeks

baby K's scary skull

baby K's foot

baby bump at 14 weeks

baby bump at 17 weeks

baby bump at 20 weeks {half way mark--woohoo!}

baby bump at 24 weeks

...and we are super excited to announce that we are expecting a BOY! Here are a few pics from the Gender Reveal Party:

 We announced the gender using fortune cookies!
 proud parents by the vote board
 team blue=boy votes
 team pink=girl votes
all photos from Gender Party were taken by AJ Photography

 Baby K will be named Caleb!


  1. You at 24 weeks are the cutest tiniest pregnant lady I have ever seen! Wish we could have seen each other but sometime in the future. Hope the pregnancy is still going well!

  2. Thanks Amy! My belly has started to grow fast so I need to update that pic ;-) I know! I wish I was in town that weekend for longer! I feel like every time I go to visit my family it's so short! We'll have to plan something...maybe a reunion with Katie =)


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