Friday, November 28, 2014

Dear Mila

My sweet Mila! I'm so sorry that is has taken almost 9 months before writing your first letter. I've been meaning to sit down and write your letters, but life's busy moments have gotten the best of me. 

Since you've been born, you've brought so much joy into our lives. It's true what others say, a mother's heart expands so much to love each child unconditionally. I have so much love for you!

The first two months of your life were filled with love, and were also hard as we tried to figure out how to solve your acid reflux. Once we had your reflux under control you were a happy little baby. You started sleeping through the night by 4 months old, which helped daddy and I. Thank you for that!

You love your brother, Caleb, so much. You love to watch him play, and you try to crawl after him. You catch on to things quickly. You can sign a few words (more, milk, and clap), and you copy noises and actions. We call you a little parrot. You can sing along with songs, and have funny dance moves. You crawl and scoot backwards, and are trying really hard to go forward. 

You love running errands and getting out of the house. You are so observant! You love to watch people, and people love to talk to you and tell you how cute you are. Strangers tell me how I'm so lucky to have such a happy baby, but I know it's not's God's gift to me. After all, you were born on my birthday! I think God knew that I needed a calm and happy baby (especially since your brother is a "wild man"). 

You love your "eat, play, and sleep" schedule but you don't mind when we mess it up with outings. We even went on our first road trip to Alabama and you were an ANGEL! You truly are the best little baby! (We call you our easy child, but sshh don't tell your brother)

We love you and Caleb so much, and we can't image our lives without the both of you! We pray for Caleb and you daily, begging God to open your hearts and for y'all to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior! We pray that you and Caleb are dear friends, and love the Lord and others well; that you fear the Lord, and pursue Him will all your heart. 

We love you sweet Mila! Our little gracious gift.

Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's Fall Y'all!

It finally feels like Fall in Texas! Well, it's under 90 degrees which is considered Fall weather here. I've started to transition our home decor to a Fall theme to help get me in the mood (even if it's still 80 degrees most days). 

Here are a few simple ideas to create an easy Fall decor transition:

I love decorating our entry table to different themes because it is the first thing guests see as they enter our home.

 I changed the pillows around, and put the pillows from our master bedroom out in the entry hall because the color scheme brings more warmth to the decor. Swapping out items from different rooms is an easy way to change decor themes.

 My favorite fall item is our Thankful Tree! I love walking into the house and having our Thankful Tree out greeting me. Such a wonderful reminder to be giving thanks daily.
Our Thankful Tree is our fall activity to record all the things we are thankful for on a leaf, and adds as a beautiful decor item as well.
And hearing the things Caleb is thankful for is hysterical! I asked him if he loves mommy, daddy, and Mila as we were writing our weekly "thankful leaves", and he said, "Yes! And Daddy's phone." Week 1, Caleb was thankful for "cars". Priorities from a 2 year old!

The kitchen is still filled with shades of blue, and I added some pumpkins and pinecones in the mix. I love the color combo!

I kept my couch pillows the same in the living room, and added a DIY pillow to bring a bit of warmth to our Fall decor. I created the image on photoshop, and made a custom pillow from Tiny Prints. I LOVE it! I think I'll be making custom pillows for every season because it was so easy to create! And if you don't have time to play with a DIY print, you can use mine! Download the "It's Fall Y'all" jpeg here, and upload it to Tiny Prints to create this pillow. It's my thankful gift to you!

And lastly, my favorite DIY chalkboard is the center of my mantle display. Our season of thanks is rooted in this, "Give thanks to the LORD for He is good." Psalm 118:1. Yes, God is good and He does good!

 It's fall y'all! Happy fall decorating!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mila's Room

Mila's room is by far my favorite room in our house! I get a ton of questions from friends about where I purchased certain items, so I decided I would share my finds with everyone.

I have been dreaming of a turquoise striped nursery for years! And I gave my special birthday twin everything I would want in my room...and I literally gave her most of my childhood belongings!

 Wooden Monogram from here, Spray painted gold
 Pillow case sewn by a friend with the crib skirt fabric, stuffed animal from my aunt, and crib sheet from Candy Kirby Designs.
 Decorations were mine! Most of the books were hubby's and some were gifts.

 The bear basket was mine! And the shoes were a gift from a friend.
 I LOVE this crib sheet! And the quilt was sewn by a friend who used the white fabric from her hubby's grandma (either grandma or great-grandma). Vintage + Modern = in love!
 The cutie is mine hehe! The crib was this stud's crib from Carter's. The crib skirt was sewn by a friend, fabric is Michael Miller Textured Basics Shoreline Stripe Salmon from here.
 Dresser was a craiglist steal! I found it the weekend I found out I was pregnant, and I was praying for a GIRL! The Snow White poster was mine, and I bought a plain wooden frame 50% off at Hobby Lobby and spray painted it antique white. The smaller Snow White photo was mine from Disney World, original frame was spray painted antique white. Large gold frame is from Hobby Lobby 50% off, and image is from Deep Roots Shop. Circle frame is from Hobby Lobby, and the letter M is a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby that I spray painted light pink. Small gold frame is from Ikea, and I designed the image.
 The pink bucket is from the dollar spot in Target, and I added a gold heart I made with my silhouette cameo. The gold confetti stickers are from Walls Need Love. (one package of the 2" gold dots)
 These curtains are my FAV! My sweet friend (who sewed everything in this room) also made these lovely curtains from this fabric.
 Wall paint is Benjamin Moore: Decorators White and Barely Teal (light tiffany blue in person) in Pearl Finish.

 The bookcase is from Ikea, and I spray painted it gold (same paint as the monogram). The rug is from Ikea.
 These are my dolls, and the texture book is from Sarah from Deep Roots Shop.
 I made the banner letters with my silhouette cameo, and my friend made the tassels.
 The pink dress was my baby dress. The 3 owl hooks are from World Market. And I made the wall art with my silhouette cameo.

 The nightlight was custom made from K and K Engravings in Dallas, TX.

 This sweet Proverbs 31:30 is my prayer for Mila, and can be purchased from Deep Roots Shop!

 My princess loves her room!
 And big brother does too!
And, I think I love Mila's room the most!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mila's Birth Story

I'm still in awe of how amazing, good, generous, and gracious God is. We started to pray last year for God to give us a healthy, beautiful baby girl and within a month I was pregnant. How amazing is that? Mila's official due date was March 13, but since I had a terrible labor experience with Caleb that resulted in an emergency c-section, we selected to have a planned c-section with Mila. Mila was scheduled to be delivered one week before her due date which happened to be MY birthday. Yes, children are a gift from the Lord, but this was extra special because Mila was literally my birthday gift. 

God is good, and He does good!

Mila's birth and recovery was one hundred times easier than Caleb's! We had my sweet friend Amanda from Amanda Jameson Photography come with us to capture the sweet BIRTHday, and she captured over 500+ memories. I wish I could share all of them (although I doubt you'd like to see them all), but here are a few from our special double birthday.

Mila Faith
8 lb 8 oz, 20.25 inches

This was an amazing birthday for me! Thank you Amanda for capturing it!