Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mila Turned ONE

Last month we celebrated Mila's first birthday and my thirtieth birthday with a Gatsby themed bash. Our birthday, March 7th, happened to fall on a Saturday this year, so I wanted to throw a fun birthday twin party for my mini-me without breaking the bank.

Throwing a party can add up financially, but there are ways to significantly cut costs without cutting details and fun. Here are a few tips to help save cash, and still celebrate:

Advice #1, DIY! I created this DIY invitation using simple templates from adobe photoshop elements.
My biggest advice for decorations is DIY! Huge savings! I made the tassels for under $2, the cardstock paper fans for $1, and the glittered paper letters for $3 (I cut them with my Silhouette machine). I purchased the balloons, outdoor circle fans, and popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading. 

Advice #2, prioritize! My food advice is to keep it simple and prioritize. For me, I knew I wanted a fun cake and cotton candy, so I spent most of my food budget on those items. 
Advice #3, fancy it up! The easiest way to make an inexpensive item look like a million bucks is to add pretty details. I used personalized stickers from Tiny Prints on my popcorn boxes and applesauce squeezies. Ah, I just love little details!

Advice #4, Reuse! My favorite "reusable" decor item is my DIY chalkboard...oh, how I love to draw on that bad boy! 

I like to use fabric table linens instead of plastic so that I can reuse them at multiple events. Amazon has the best prices for table covers and runners. Also, reuse as much of the decorations as possible. I have two plastic boxes specifically for "party supplies", and I'll plan parties based on my current "inventory".
Advice #5, borrow! I borrowed picture frames, tables, chairs, and display boxes from friends. It all adds up! Maybe even borrow and share reused party decor?!

My final advice is to have fun! I was talking to some of my friends and they shared how they are tired of throwing pinterest inspired parties because it's getting out of hand or it's stressful. So then don't. At the end of the day, who's the party for? Personally, I love, I mean love, throwing parties. I love making the decorations, and love planning the details (I just don't bake...the kitchen and I aren't friends). Planning a party shouldn't be about competing for the best decorations and food, and you shouldn't feel pressured by pinterest. My hope in sharing these party tips, is to inspire other party lovers to save a little cash without sacrificing the fun in party planning. 

For more DIY tutorials and tips, go through my pinterest boards. Happy party planning!

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