Monday, December 16, 2013

Big K Christmas Decor

It's hard to make big changes every year with your interior Christmas decor, unless you want to break the bank. I like decking the halls with the same holiday decor each year, because so many of my decorations have sentimental value. Every ornament has a story, and as I hang each one I am immediately taken to the day I received it. 

But, I like a little change with my Christmas decor, and my mirror-turned-chalkboard helps me balance the sentimental memories and a fresh decor theme. 

This was our house last year, a theme of "Joy to the World". And, here's a peek into our home this year with a theme of "O, Come All Ye Faithful":

 I let Caleb pick out his own tree and ornaments...of course he picks Mickey and Friends!

I changed our card wreath from last year to something a little more honor of Mila. 
This year I wanted to display our Christmas cards on our Jesse Tree. I love our annual Jesse Tree Advent Activity, and what better way to combine my favorite activity with looking at my family and friends each day?!?! 

I took some ribbon and tied it to a clothing pin...and you get a Christmas card ornament.

And after Christmas is over, I hole punch a corner of the card and save the cards on a single ring. My friend Jo gave me the idea! She encouraged me to save the cards, and each day pray over one of the families. What a great way to remember to pray specifically for family and friends!

...and Caleb got his first Nativity set {it never looks like this...normally everyone is scattered across the floor}...

We attempted to take a Christmas card photo this weekend...I've had my eye on this card, but I need to actually order it! You might get it next year!

 WINNER {with the help of some candy}

That's our Big K Christmas decor this year. Not a whole lot of change...but that's how I like it!


  1. Love your decor!!! And what a great idea to combine the Jesse Tree and Christmas Cards! I think we may have to do that next year. Merry Christmas!!


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