Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Joy to the World!

Our house is officially ready for Christmas, despite this Texas heat! It's still high 70s y'all! What the hey honk?!

Inside our house it feels like low 50s with the cozy Christmas decor and Christmas music playing day and night! Our decor is simple, but sings our heart's desire to celebrate Christ's birthday.

 My DIY-mirror turned chalkboard is our focal point this year on our mantle.

The first thing you see when you enter our home is our Jesse Tree Advent Calendar. Love counting down the days until Christmas with a Jesus-centered activity!

{Every day we will put a Jesse Tree Ornament on the Jesse Tree}

 On the inside of our front door we have our Christmas card wreath, and I added a glittery deer just for my hubby {well, the glitter was for me}.

 We had so many deers around during the fall for Caleb's birthday that I just had to add one for Christmas! ha!

And, our mantle...

I used the wood slices from Caleb's birthday, I spray painted pine cones that my mom found {yes, they're real}, used my Silhouette machine to cut out a nativity scene, and printed the lyrics of "Joy to World" using photoshop.

Yes, my tree is only half decorated. I did decorate the entire tree, but it only lasted 24 hours.

A certain toddler {not going to name names} does not recognize the difference between ornaments and toys.

Our outside is simple, and hopefully next year we will do more decorating outside {I want to get rid of all our color lights and do something different...anyone want some lights?}.

Yes, joy to the world indeed! That's our house this year. What does yours look like? I need some Christmas decorating inspiration!


  1. I love your Christmas theme decor.

  2. What a cute way to do a nativity scene. I'm looking forward to doing the Jesse tree next year with our little one. I love your chalkboard on your mantle. I want to do something like that for ours but I don't know when I will have the time.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! The Jesse Tree is the BEST and I LOVE doing the nightly readings from the Jesus Storybook Bible!! My mom came in town in October and I took advantage of her being here...she watched CK and I turned my mirror into a chalkboard. Win win. ;-) {now if I could only finish my other projects...}

  3. Cute! I love the mirror/chalkboard on your mantle. I live here in the Dallas area as well, and this warm weather is really different for the Christmas time but I kinda like it.

    1. Thanks Renae! I don't want it too cold...but a light sweater would feel more like Christmas ;-) Although, I shouldn't complain after the HOT summer we had!

  4. Beautiful!!! I love the advent calendar and your fancy chalkboard script. You've got great style!


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