Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Trying to play catch up on our family life here...bear with me, please!

While we vacationed in California with family, we spent two fabulous days in the most magical place. Disneyland!!! This was Bryan's and Caleb's first trip to a Disney park, and now I can't wait to take them to my favorite park: DisneyWorld!!!

My Aunt Viv is the best, and babysat Caleb half a day each day so Bryan and I could enjoy a few hours at the park kiddo free. Isn't she the BEST!?!

Here are a few pictures to sum up our magical adventure:
 First time at DISNEYLAND for my boys!!! I was hoping they would love it as much as I do, and they DID!!!
 Once we were in the park, we ran straight for Dumbo! A classic must ride!

 Caleb wasn't too sure about this...all 3 of us trapped in an elephant?
 But once the ride started...Caleb was all smiles!!
 Truly the happiest place!
Next, we headed to Mickey's house!

 Wow...Mickey is HUGE! Caleb was a little shocked...he just stared at Mickey...maybe he was star-struck?
We spent the rest of the morning in Mickey's toontown...and headed home with a kiddo who slept on the shuttle home!

Bryan and I headed back to the park and rode EVERY ride in Disneyland and almost everything in California Adventure park! Hahaha...we were like kids running from ride to ride!

Day 2:

Caleb was scared to DEATH of Nemo's submarine ride...bad parents! ...

 Snow White's ride was a little scary...and so is my face in this picture!

How can life get any better than Mickey AND chocolate??!!

 And, this is where Caleb fell in love with Toy Story...when we got home he watched the movie and has been addicted ever since!!!

We had so much fun, and I'm so thankful for my wonderful family, Aunt Viv and Uncle Mel, for watching Caleb and getting a condo walking distance to Disney. We so enjoyed our magical time at Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney!!!

I'm already dreaming of planning a family vacation to DisneyWorld! (10 days in disney and 1 day at Hogwarts is calling my name!!)

The first thing Bryan said when we left the park was, "we need to get both of our families to come with us to DisneyWorld soon". I agree hubby. I agree.

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