Sunday, September 15, 2013

California Vacation

This year we kicked off our summer with a Southern California vacation to visit my dad's Big K family. It was such a special trip because it was the first time my grandparents {and most of my extended family} met Caleb. 

On the flight out to LAX, I made a HUGE first time momma mistake. We gave up the paci a few weeks before our vacation. Big mistake. Big. Caleb's ears were hurting and he cried during the entire take-off which felt like an eternity. Last year Caleb did so GOOD flying to florida...but we had a paci. I bought a paci in CA for the flight home...I figured that would be cheaper than buying the entire flight a round of tequila.

Once we landed it was all smiles for Caleb! Our first stop was hanging out with my grandparents.

Caleb had a blast meeting his great-grandparents, and he agrees with all of us that Papi looks just like Papi Big K {my daddy}. 

My Aunt Viv and Uncle Mel are the NICEST people you will ever meet! They invited us to stay with them during our vacation, and since they had just sold their home and were renovating their new home, they invited us to stay with them at their condo in Anaheim {walking distance to DISNEY}. We were so happy we could spend time with them {and I can't believe I didn't take ONE picture with MEL! Camera fail!}!

We spent two days at Disney {I'll share the fun on another post}, and the rest of the time visiting with family!

 {I love this pic of my cousin Rachel and I because it was taken just before we BOTH got pregnant! Wish we lived closer so we could be preggers together and hanging out!!}

 {this might be a foreshadow of my surrounded by little men!}

 {grandma and her favorite granddaughters! ...hehehe Gabs, Sarah, and Zoe}

Aunt Viv and Uncle Mel took us out for a great dinner to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!

Overall, we had a GREAT time in California, and I miss my Big K Cali fam so much! Are y'all sure you don't want to move to Texas??

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