Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Growing Mila Faith

This past May we started to pray for God to give us a beautiful, healthy baby girl that loved the Lord. God answered quickly! The next month I was pregnant! Wow, still shocked about how gracious and merciful God can be!

We had an intimate gender reveal party to announce to our family and friends that our family of 3 would be adding a sweet baby girl!

We prayed for our growing baby before we went outside for the big reveal (pray that this baby loves the Lord and is saved from the moment she takes her first breath!)...

I think EVERYONE was shocked to see PINK come out of those cans!!!


These 2 friends were watching Sophia the First...just getting a little princess taste of what's to come!

I still remember trying to get pregnant with Caleb and asking God to give me twins--one boy and one girl, only if He thought I could handle it. And if not, to give me a beautiful, healthy boy, that I would name Caleb because I wanted my son to be a man that chased after God's heart. A man that loved the Lord and believed in God's sovereignty and goodness. 

Well...God knew I couldn't handle twins...thank you God! And now God has given us sweet Mila. 

Mila (pronounced Me-La) is Russian for "favor, grace". We've chosen to name her Mila Faith because God has shown us so much favor and grace, even when we don't deserve it, and I want to honor God with Mila's name. We chose Faith as her middle name, because this is our prayer for her. That she would be a woman with enormous faith, trusting the Lord, chasing after God's heart daily, and living from a heart that knows and believes that God is good and does good in ALL!

My official due date is March 13th, but I having another c-section, so I'm required to deliver one week before....which is my BIRTHDAY, March 7th! God truly amazes me with His grace and favor! 

This is going to be my favorite birthday ever!

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