Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy {7 Months} Caleb!

Once again, I'm wishing there was a pause button. Caleb has entered into a fun, playful, giggly stage and I just want to soak up every minute.

Recap of Caleb's stats/"baby accomplishments":

Caleb can sit up on his own pretty good, rolling is still his form of transportation {no attempt to crawl}, he said "dada' {although I doubt he knows what it really least that's why I know he didn't say "mama" first. Ha!}, he loves stealing Ariel's toys and putting them in his mouth {doggie germs..yum!}....and he's teething! 

We took Caleb to the doctor this week because he was rubbing his ear a lot, and the Doc said that he had fluid in his ear {nothing to worry about...more allergy related}, and also told us Caleb was teething. Caleb has been super "drooly" and biting on everything...I mean everything. Hopefully, it won't be too painful this month as he gets his 2 bottom teeth!

Right now Caleb and I:
-have fun picking on Ariel {I'm trying to teach him to be gentle with her}
-sing lots of songs {right now he enjoys my singing...poor kid}
-I dance with him {he loves being held and dancing}
-he LOVES the pool {now we need to move so we can have a pool, *wink*wink hubby}
-he went on his first beach vacation to Florida
-he loves being tickled
-he grabs my face and pulls me to his and "kisses" me
-he loves playing with either his school bus or ball the most
-he prefers to play rough...he doesn't like anything gentle

Caleb hasn't grown much this month {which is fine by me!}, and weighs 22.4lbs. He's still wearing size 12months, but in pants he wears 18-24months. He has the most handsome thunder thighs!

Happy 7 months, lover boy!


  1. Happy 7 months little stud muffin! Miss Emme would sure like to meet you one day!

    1. Thanks Katie! Caleb would love to meet your pretty Emme!

  2. I love my "little Giant". Miss him terribly, after a week with him in Florida I'm feeling Caleb withdraws. Can't wait to bite those chunky legs & kiss-kiss-kiss those cheeks!! Happy 7th month Caleb, Grandma K loves you so much.

    1. it's time to move!!! you...not me.

  3. Oh my goodness - so cute! I would LOVE it if you would link this up @ my link party! This cuteness needs to be shared with the world! :)

    Here's the link:

    1. thanks kendall! I'm linking up now ;-)

  4. Yay! Thanks for linking up = your little Caleb is SOOO stinkin' cute! I love his little smile! xo.


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