Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{Budget Playroom}: the design

We have a dining room in our house that we NEVER use! We've used it for parties as a buffet table, I've used it for a crafting room, and we've used it for a couple of holidays to actually eat in, but on an every day basis our dining room is never used.

Do you use your dining room? Since we never use this space, I decided we should turn it into a playroom.

Hubby challenged me to create a playroom with a budget of $0! Say What?!?! I asked him how was I suppose to do that??? He said, "you'll figure it out." I thought this was his way of saying "no" to my idea of transforming the space, but I was going to accept his smarty-pants challenge!

If I had $0 for a budget, then I had to get creative and find free money.

I like our kitchen table more than our "dining" table, so I sold our dining table and 4 chairs (I kept 2 chairs for another project) on craigslist for $350. 

My parents have been bugging me to sell my piano (that I left at their house) for awhile, so I finally sold it on craigslist for $450.

I have a few more items to sell, but so far I have a budget of $800 to create a playroom! Ha! Take that Hubby and your $0 budget!

My home has a coastal vibe decor {or I've tried to make it like that}, so I want to create a playroom that goes with the flow of the rest of the home. This is the design board I created with a few of the items that I've purchased already.

I still need a rug and artwork, but I have a starting point to work with.

I found this room on Pinterest and I fell in LOVE! This room will be my inspiration as I decorate the playroom!

I really don't want to repaint the dining room {for cost and labor purposes}, so this room gives me hope to have a neutral wall color that still has a bright and cheerful room feeling.

I'm excited to start on another budget design challenge! I wowed Hubby on Caleb's budget nursery, so I hope to do the same on this budget playroom!


  1. I LOVE your ideas!!!!!!!! SUPER cool girl!

  2. LOVEEEE outsmarting the hubs! Super cute ideas!

    1. HA! I feel like a smarty pants! Thanks!

  3. You are so amazing! Can you come and help me decorate my nursery?? We have an absolutely beautiful dining room table and yes, we rarely sit at it unless we have company! I can't wait to see the final project :)

    1. ah I would LOVE to come and decorate your nursery!!! ;-) thanks girl!


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