Thursday, June 21, 2012

{One Thousand Gifts}: giving thanks

It's been 2 weeks since I've started the dare to count to 1,000 gifts. Naming the thank yous to God, thanks to Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts!
Some days it's really easy to name my thanks, and other days...well, it takes work to have my eyes see clearly.
I have started to notice how documenting, both saying thank you out loud and writing it down, has shifted my thoughts. I've turned it into a game of finding the joys in my day, and I can see how many things God does provide, and in turn it brings me happiness in my day.

{to read why I'm giving thanks and more about One Thousand Gifts click here}

Counting to One Thousand Gifts {one week at a time}:

3. For all green lights from 35-to-114! Huge! Ha!
4. Chelsea's sweet note and coupon mailed
5. Caleb's sweet smile 1st thing in the morning
6. snuggles with Caleb
7. naps
8. Bryan seeing that I'm stressed and asking me to do Bible study with him
9. Fun friends
10. the sweet sound of Bob Marley
11. no traffic
12. safe plane ride
13. family time
14. the sound of the ocean in the dark
15. a holiday at the beach
16. a book on the beach
17. great read-The Hunger Games
18. Caleb playing on the sand
19. nap time
20. not having to cook dinner
21. laying out on the beach
22. fun in the ocean waves
23. time to relax
24. watching Caleb play in the pool
25. Family beach vacation
26. my parents and the gift of vacation
27. Caleb sleeping on my lap
28. a safe flight
29. a picture of Caleb while I work from Melissa
30. Melissa loving my baby while I work
31. Bryan's daily calls at lunch
32. Catching Fire--awesome read!
33. God's Word in 1 Samuel
34. sharing our thoughts with Whit and reading When people are big and God is small
35. a bonus for no reason from my boss
36. Bryan's lunch call
37. Caleb's laugh
38. Bible study with friends
39. Mocking Jay-a perfect ending to an excellent series!
40. a pretty goose in the lake
41. for not working full-time
42. PJ days
43. happy playing baby in the morning
44. long naps on a Monday for me
45. playing with Caleb
46. watching Caleb babble to himself
47. God's Word
48. watching Caleb laugh at Ariel


  1. PJ days are the best aren't they? I really need to read this book. Sarah @ The Fontenot Four recommended it awhile ago and it's STILL on my reading list.

    1. I love PJ days!! Yes, you DO need to read this book! It's A-MAZING!!

  2. Hi Viv :) Thank you for linking up to First Day of My Life's Thankful Thursday! <3 You rock.
    God's Word is definitely sometime to be thankful for...He is so amazing and is an amazing comforter when we need Him to be.
    Not having to cook for dinner...woohoo! And ocean waves = THE BEST.
    Safe plane rides..yay :)

    I might need to read this book...!!

    1. Can not say enough good things about this book!! Thanks for hosting Thankful Thursday!!! Such a good link up!! =)

  3. I think I may just have to pick up this book as well, thanks for linking up!


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