Thursday, May 24, 2012

4 Year Anniversary

4 years have flown by.

Last week Hubby {BK} and I got into a huge fight. In the middle of our argument, BK paused and then asked, "what is your favorite memory of us?". I was livid at the time, so I snapped back and asked sharply, "dating or marriage?". I was trying to avoid the question because I was too angry to even think about my favorite memory of us. BK kindly responded, "either.". I was silent. My thoughts didn't want to leave the present argument at hand.

After a few moments of silence due to my refusal to answer his kind question, BK began to talk again. BK started explaining his favorite memory of us with great detail. About halfway through his story I began to cry. No longer angry tears, but tears of deep love and gratitude. 

This fight is now one of my favorite memories. It serves as a reminder of what a gentle and fiercely loving man I married. Marriage is not romance, rainbows, and butterflies every day. Marriage takes work, and I am deeply thankful to God for giving me a man that chooses to fight for our marriage. I thank God for calling both BK and I to Himself {more on my testimony here}, and giving us this beautiful picture of marriage. I thank God for teaching BK to love me well.

I pray that God would bless our marriage, that we would draw nearer to His heart together, and that our lives would serve to bring Him glory. 

I love you BK!
{Big K Fam est. 5.24.08}


{all wedding photos by Silver Image Photography}


  1. Bryan, the day we met you, Issa & I knew you were the one for Vivs. We thank God for you, thank you for loving our baby girl. Vivs, you've become an amazing wife & mother. God has answered our prayers.
    Happy 4th Anniversary! Lots of love.

  2. Amen. Having a devoted husband is such a blessing! Not everyday is picture perfect... But, who wants it to be?! Happy Anniversary!! XOXO

  3. Hello! Thanks for hopping by during the May Networking Blog Hop! What beautiful photos! Happy Anniversary to you! It is so ironic that I came across this post today because today is my 8 year anniversary! So weird right? Anyway, love your blog and I hope you come back soon! :D

  4. Happy Anniversary! Sorry its a little late I know. Love all the pics.


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