Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big K Happenings

These past couple of weekends have been so relaxing!

A couple of weeks ago, my Chi O sistas came over for a visit. 

Caleb wore this little onesie I made
"Future Chi Omega Hubby" Ha! This is what happens when you are the son of a sorority girl! Poor kid. I love that Chi Omega's symbols are an owl and skull and crossbones, because my son is going to have tons of skull stuff and my future daughter will be owl-obsessed! 

Aunt C actually held Caleb!! She's not a huge baby-person, so this is a BIG deal {she's going to kill me when she reads this}!
Aunt C mailed me some Buy Buy Baby coupons today, and it was a sweet surprise! Such a sweet friend!!

Aunt L {the new Mrs!} and Caleb
Aunt L and Uncle J are going to be great parents one day!

This past Friday, hubby and I took off work to spend the day with our little man. We had so much fun hanging out at the neighborhood park and pool!

too cool for school!

he just chilled like a cool kid in the floaty!

his little personality cracks me up!!!

my twinkies!

Relaxing weekends are my favorite type of weekend!


  1. Those glasses are SOOO stink'in adorable!!!!!

    1. thanks! the glasses fit his funny lil personality!

  2. I actually look like I know what I'm doing! LOL! Such a fun, fun day!

    1. yes you do!!! a baby looks good on you...*wink *wink! ;-)

  3. ahhh. too stinking cute! those shades! love. this makes me miss my baby nephew sooo bad. there is nothing better than a baby in shades.

    1. thanks! if I can't go crazy with shoes and bows {for a girl}, then I'll go crazy with glasses and hats! ;-) play dress up, while he lets me!


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