Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caleb is {3 Months}

Can you believe my little man is 3 months old?? I can't! The phrase "time flies" doesn't begin to describe the speed of time now that Caleb is here! We tried weighing Caleb at home {since our next dr. appointment isn't until next month}, and the scale said he weighed 17lbs....I'm thinking it's a safe bet that my C-man is weighing more like 16lbs! Either way, this little dude is HUGE! He is smiling more and more each day, and started to giggle this month, which is the SWEETEST sound ever! He still has trouble holding his head up on his own {but maybe that's because he's a tank}, he's grabbing things better, he puts EVERYTHING is his mouth, and he's not sleeping through the night yet {he goes to bed at 11pm and is up between 3-4am to feed, and up for good around 7:30am}. Mommy and Daddy are tired, but we know these sleepless nights can't last forever {or at least we hope not!}. 

I am having so much fun with Caleb now that he's able to recognize my voice, see me better, and is beginning to interact with us! When Caleb was in my belly I would sing to him "Good morning, good morning, good morning it's time to rise and shine. Good morning, good morning, good morning I hope you're feeling fine!", which is what my mom would sing to me every morning. He use to kick me so much when I would sing to him in the womb. Now, every morning I come into his room and sing that song and he starts smiling and giggling. O, sweet boy how I love you so! 

It's my favorite time of day.

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