Saturday, February 11, 2012

Attacking Bottle Chaos!

My kitchen has turned into bottle chaos since Caleb has arrived! {Now that's a good chaos!} And, I'm trying to attack this chaos by cleaning up my kitchen counters and cabinets by getting some organized storage. I first tried to create cabinet space and organize all the bottle parts by brand {Caleb uses 3 different bottle brands}, but every time I tried to grab something I ended up knocking over a stack of lids and created a mess. See for yourself:
So, the idea of stacking lids and parts was good in theory, but it didn't work. While I was shopping at Target, I stopped in the dollar section {my FAVORITE part of Target...I always find goodies there!}, and I found these cute little art supply trays. They were $1.99 and I bought 2 hoping they would fit in my cabinets and help with my bottle chaos. 

I filled the art supply trays with all the bottle parts and organized them by brand. Now, when I grab a lid or a part I don't knock it all over the place. Everything is nice and neat in the tray:

So here is my bottle cabinet now:

It's so nice to pull the tray out and grab what I need without making a mess. And, it's so nice to NOT see a mess when I open my cabinet!

My counter still has bottles drying on them, but now it's a lot less:

Target has a TON of other trays and buckets in the dollar section, so grab a few and happy organizing!!!


  1. I had to smile when I read this...You remind me of ME as a young mom...must be that you inherited more than just my name. :)

    I was also known to put away everything: swing, playpen, toys, etc not only each night, but during nap times as well! Of course, that neatness all disappeared when the second child arrived!

    Have fun organizing!
    Aunt Viv

  2. I did inherit a lot from you then!! Cleaning up even at nap times?! I was picking up the playmat every day...and then I was like "what's the point?", and I leave it out 24/7. Now, I need a playroom so I can hide all of his stuff ;-)


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