Monday, January 9, 2012

Updates on {Motherhood}

Caleb is such a blessing in our life, but to keep things "real" he has also brought some BIG changes. Hubby and I love Caleb so much! We love singing to him, reading to him, teaching him animal noises, cuddling with him, kissing him, and watching him. He's brought such joy to our life, and at the same time there are new challenges that he's brought too. The first month was rough for me. I struggled with the baby blues {mood changes-highs and lows, short tempered}, I struggled trying to breastfeed, and I wasn't getting any sleep. I'm thankful for my mom {she stayed with me for 2 weeks after Caleb's birth}, for my girlfriends {they brought dinners/lunches for 4 weeks after Caleb's birth, and spent time with me!}, and for my Hubby {he has helped out so much and kept me sane!}! Without my close friends and community I don't know how I would have survived that first month! 

 {photo by AJ Photography}

Caleb has been sleeping in his nursery since coming home from the hospital, but bed-time had been a struggle. Caleb would be fussy from 10pm-3am before going to sleep, but FINALLY at week 7 things started to change. We started to get him tired from 7-10pm by doing a lot of singing, reading, and tummy time {placing him on a playmat on his tummy}, and then giving him 1/2 ounce more milk in his 10pm bottle before bed. Hallelujah! We found something that helped him go to sleep! After the 10pm feeding, I swaddle Caleb in his Miracle Blanket {every baby needs one! it really is a miracle!}, and put him in his crib awake to sleep. The first 2 nights he cried, and I would let him cry for 1 minute, then I would pick him up for 1 minute. It took him 30 minutes of this before he would go to sleep, but by day 3 we watched him on the video monitor {and he stares at the camera which kinda creeps me out sometimes!} and he put himself to sleep in 15 minutes. I've enjoyed 2+ weeks of Caleb going to sleep, which means I'm getting some sleep!
 {photos by AJ Photography}

Caleb turns 2 months tomorrow and I have to go back to work in 2 weeks, so I'm hoping that we can cut out his 2am feeding soon! It would be nice for him to go to bed at 11pm and sleep until 5am!! I'm only going back to work part-time in the morning, but I need some sleep!!! Serious sleep. 
 {photo by AJ Photography}

Besides my lack of sleep, I'm still struggling with my time management so I created a handy little weekly calendar to plan out chores/meals/to-dos to keep me organized. My crazy swollen feet went back to normal size {remember that scary feet pic here}, but my darn fingers won't go back! I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings since July! Not sure how long I should wait until I get them re-sized??
{instead of a ring I painted a heart on my ring finger}

Our K9 daughter, Ariel, isn't handling the new changes well. She doesn't really like Caleb, and is really jealous. Makes. me. so. sad. She's pooping in our dining room to take her revenge out! Oh, dear carpet cleaner! Hopefully, she'll come to like our little prince soon!

Motherhood is wonderful, but also challenging! More updates to come soon!


  1. my friend's dog started peeing all around their house when they had their daughter, they eventually had to make their dogs outside dogs :/ good luck with everything...your son is precious!

  2. Thanks for keeping it "real" little Momma! I can't stand reading blogs that are all smiles ALL the time. {Not real!} Caleb is darling! Keeping you and your fam in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs!!

  3. Brooke-operation keep Ariel from not pooping in the house has begun! I'm determined to win ;-)

    Katie-thanks girl! I'm praying for you and mini-martin too <3 can't wait to "meet" him or her!

  4. LOVE all the pictures, especially the one of Ariel and Caleb, too cute! My mom used to have little hearts done on her ring fingers when she would go to the nail salon, such a cute idea! Did you paint it yourself?

    In RE: your comment on my latest post -- I'm glad you liked it! I have been learning more and more to love my place in life over in Texas, and have broadened my horizons on making friendships that will hopefully last a good while if not a lifetime in the state! Glad you finally were able to call it home, too :-)


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