Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{Budget Nursery}: Decor

I can't wait to reveal pictures of the finished nursery! But, first I want to make one final to save on decor {or at least how I saved $$ on decor}. My favorite decor idea was this wall:

The wall letters were a gift from Whit {the one thing in the room that is actually from Anthropologie}, THANKS Whit--I LOVE them! The picture frames are from IKEA and were originally white {I spray painted them orange with left over spray paint that I had}:

I bought cardstock paper from Hobby Lobby and created/printed the word art myself {it was a simple design so I saved a bunch of $$ instead of ordering something from a graphic designer}. Starting with the top left and going clockwise the word art says:

1. C is for Caleb
2. I Chose You Before I Formed You in Womb, I Set You Apart Before You Were Born--Jer. 1:5
3. Oh, How He Loves Us {this is one of my favorite songs that we sing at church}
4. See What Great Love the Father has Lavished on Us, that We Should be Called Children of God!--1John 3:1

Next wall:

This puppy gave me some major issues! And I will NOT be doing another project like this until I am a proud owner of a Silhouette cutter!!! I tried a couple of DIY techniques from Pinterest, but in the end I spray painted the canvas with left over aqua paint I had, and for the letters I used stencils with white acrylic paint and an orange paint pen to outline. I hope I can get the new Silhouette CAMEO for my birthday...oh, the projects we could make together ;-) I bought the canvas from Hobby Lobby and used my 40% coupon:

Next wall:

Everything on the shelf was free! Yippee! Everything was a gift, except the bobblehead. We got the Nelson Cruz bobblehead for free the night we found out the gender of baby Knox {we celebrated by going to a Rangers game}...and I would like to add that I put Nelson Cruz up on the shelf the night before the playoffs began, so I take full responsibility for all of his homeruns because I'm obviously his good luck charm. You're welcome Cruz. {insert sarcasm} The shelf is from Ikea.

And here are all of the random decor:

 I found the orange basket at Target in the dollar section!

the Caleb banner was apart of my baby shower decor made by Whit and Laura and I had to find a place for it!

This toy basket was free because it was a gift from my shower full of goodies!

 I already had the curtain rod and I got the grey curtain panels from Target.

Ok, so here's the final bill for the nursery decor:
1. Ikea picture frames $1.99x4= $7.96
2. Orange spray paint on frames {used left over}= $0
3. Hobby Lobby Cardstock for wall art $.50x4=$2
4. Anthro wall letters gifted= $0
5. Canvas $24.99-40% coupon= $14.99
6. Stencils and painting supplies= $9
7. Ikea shelf= $19.99
8. Grey curtains= $30
9. Orange target basket= $1.99
10. All the other decor= free $0

Total Decor Bill: $85.93

All of the decor under $ cheap frugal hubby is VERY proud of me!

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  1. I love baby Calebs colors!! Good job sister! You were always very creative and good at crafts :)


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