Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nesting {aka OCD Organization}

My friends already know how OCD I am about organization. My college roommates made fun of me because I would color-code and label all of our groceries to shared items in our shared living areas. But, surprisingly I haven't really organized our house since we moved in {um..we built our house 2 1/2 years ago..that's a long time for us OCD peeps}.

Let me just show you how crazy Type-A organized I am with some pics.

#1. Growing up my mom always kept her shoes in the original box, and then would snap a pic of her shoes to label the front of the box. So, naturally, I thought that's how everyone organized their shoes. Instead of keeping the original shoe box, I like to order matching shoe boxes from Uline {they have EVERYTHING}. Here's my side of the shoe rack in our closet:
Organization is so pretty! I can yell to my sweet hubby, "Hey, grab me my green heals with the bow on it" and he can quickly locate the box. PLUS, if you don't keep your shoes in containers they get dust on them. Examine:
{I should really clean around here} Who wants that dust on their shoes...not I my friend!
I don't care about protecting my flip flops, so they all get thrown into a bucket:

So, you see...I am organized, but when we moved into our house I just stuffed all my junk priceless possessions into our extra closets. As I'm turning our guest room into a nursery I had to de-junk the closet filled with random crafting supplies. I decided the best thing was to NOT just throw everything into the next room's closet and actually find an official place for my stuff. So, it was time to organize my laundry room!

Here's the laundry room before:
And's the after:

Now, everything is in a basket/box instead of just thrown in. I labeled the boxes, added shelving, added hanging hooks, and still have leftover space to add more junk stuff later. My cleaning supplies, and crafting supplies now have an official home!

Next on our "Nesting" list is organizing the garage and the mudroom. I love our little mudroom, but I want to paint it and come up with a better design for it. This is what our mudroom/nook looks like right now:
I need ideas for the mudroom!!! This project will wait until after the holidays {after Caleb's arrival}...because I'm NOT painting anything right now {too many painting nightmares from the striped-room}.


  1. Want to come to my apt and organize?? Although my loving bf would probably just destroy your hard work in a matter of moments :( MEN!!! lol

  2. it's sad, but I actually would have tons of fun organizing your place! ;-) and don't appreciate a nicely organized space


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