Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Restful Weekend.

Every weekend this Spring has been super-duper busy! There's been lots of weddings, baby showers, and now graduations. Whew...I'm tired. I need a weekend from my weekend. You know what I'm talking about?

I purposefully planned NOT to do anything this weekend, and I'm so thankful I did that. It was our first weekend with no plans, so Mr. Big went fishing at Lake Texoma with the boys, and Caleb and I rested at home.

Caleb and I took Ms. Ariel to the groomers, and then went to a local farm all before 10am. {I miss sleeping in until 9am on Saturdays} 

My neighbor invited us to check out Homestead Farms with her {we both make our own baby food, so we thought it would be fun to buy produce from a farm} and it was a fun outing!

 {restful weekends require no hair and make-up done, so don't judge}

{my handsome little man!}

I only drink goat milk {I have cow-dairy problems that you don't want to hear about}, and I couldn't wait to taste the farm's goat milk! Verdict....it is GOOD! 

There's something so sweet about a cute little farm store...

...and who would have known that our little burb living area is home to two farms? Grapevine's Nash Farm and Keller's Homestead Farms. If you blink while you're driving, you're likely to miss these treasures!

Later that Saturday, we hung out with my sister. Aunt G is Caleb's favorite person! We were in the middle of Barnes and Noble and Aunt G was making Caleb laugh hysterically by playing with some stuffed animals.

It was too funny!!! I will have to share a video post of his laugh because it makes my heart smile!!!

Restful weekends are now a must in our house! I think I'm going to cross out one weekend a month and plan to do "nothing".


  1. That sounds like the PERFECT weekend!!! I LOVE your little guys onsie!!!!!!

    1. It was a good weekend! I need more of them!

  2. That's you with no make-up? You're adorable! And I can't wait to see the video!


    1. You're so sweet Kendall! I think the hat helps ;-)

  3. Next time we're in town please take us to one of these farm markets. Sugar Land just started their Farmers' Market at the Imperial Sugar grounds, we enjoy a stroll on Saturday mornings once a month.
    It is always good to have a relaxed weekend. Fun unplanned activities.


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