Monday, April 28, 2014

Mila's Birth Story

I'm still in awe of how amazing, good, generous, and gracious God is. We started to pray last year for God to give us a healthy, beautiful baby girl and within a month I was pregnant. How amazing is that? Mila's official due date was March 13, but since I had a terrible labor experience with Caleb that resulted in an emergency c-section, we selected to have a planned c-section with Mila. Mila was scheduled to be delivered one week before her due date which happened to be MY birthday. Yes, children are a gift from the Lord, but this was extra special because Mila was literally my birthday gift. 

God is good, and He does good!

Mila's birth and recovery was one hundred times easier than Caleb's! We had my sweet friend Amanda from Amanda Jameson Photography come with us to capture the sweet BIRTHday, and she captured over 500+ memories. I wish I could share all of them (although I doubt you'd like to see them all), but here are a few from our special double birthday.

Mila Faith
8 lb 8 oz, 20.25 inches

This was an amazing birthday for me! Thank you Amanda for capturing it!

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