Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy {15 Months} Caleb!

My sweet baby boy is three months away from becoming an official toddler! Wow! 

Dear Caleb,

You are a rambunctious, comical, fearless, and lovable little boy! You're nickname this month has been "sour patch kid", because first you're sour and then you're sweet. For example, one second you will be climbing on the couch, throwing a toy at Ariel's head, and the next second you will hug Ariel and come hug me. One extreme to the next my little sour patch kid. 

You're favorite thing to do right now is climb on everything! Everything. It makes me nervous, and I can't leave you alone in the living room...too many sharp corners to fall on. You learned how to walk backwards this month, and now love to moon dance in the kitchen. It's hysterical! 

You got your first haircut this month...eekkk! It looks really cute, but I miss your long hair! Thankfully, you let me comb and style your hair! Thank you, thank you! I hope you let me do this until you're 30. Or 18. 

You still love bathtime {I think we need a pool because you love water so much}, and love to brush your teeth. If anyone accidentally mentions "toothbrush", you run to your bathroom. You'll even grab my hand and lead me to your bathroom. It's so cute, I'll go ahead and brush your teeth on the spot.

Speaking of grabbing hands, I'm trying to teach you to hold my hand and walk in public. We've been working on crossing the street, walking in parking lots, and going in circles around the house. You're doing pretty good, and hopefully will be a pro by summer. 

After 15 months, Ariel is finally starting to love you. She'll let you sit by her on the couch and pet her. This is big! Ariel will play tug-o-war with you, and she'll run to you when we get home. She now wants to sleep in your room and hide under your crib. The hiding under your crib is driving me bonkers, because she wants to do this while you're napping. As long as she doesn't wake you, I'm ok with it. 

Weight: 29lbs
Height: 2' 8.5"
90% in growth

You're still a giant baby in the 90%, but you're slowing down a little bit. I swear you feel 40lbs, but you're closer to 30lbs.

You are still a happy, content, easy-going baby that loves to eat every 45 minutes. You eat the same sized meal portions as I do, and never turn down free food. Typical little man. 

Caleb, you're almost a toddler, but you're still my little baby. I love you so much, and cherish every hug, kiss, and smile with you. I pray that you grow up to be a man that chases after God's heart, and allows me to hug you whenever I want. We love you CK. 

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