Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas {2012}

I've neglected this little blog due to my crazy busy work schedule {we hired a new employee}, the holidays, and a surprise that I'll have to share with you soon. Let's catch up, shall we?!

Christmas 2012 was a blast! We celebrated Christ, we spent time with family, and it even snowed on Christmas day! People, I live in Texas so this is a BIG deal!!!

Ok, enough of the exclamation marks and I'll recap Christmas with a few photos.

{our 2012 Christmas card}

We rotate holidays with our families, so this Christmas we spent it with Bryan's side of the family. On Christmas eve we celebrated with his immediately family, and then ended the night at his Mamaw's house with the extended family.

Caleb is no longer the baby in the family...his cousin, EK, was in love with CK. EK couldn't resist and gave "the godfather", CK, lots of kisses!

Later that night, we changed into some sweet Target {tar-jey} jammies that I glammed up with a DIY monogram...I may have a son, but that doesn't mean I can't make his clothes prettier!

We make Christ the center of Christmas, but our family also receives "Santa's presents". Santa only brings stocking stuffers, and we are copying Jen's Christ/Santa traditions

Before we opened any gifts, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus, and thanked God for His amazing rescue plan by sending His sweet Son to us as His gift!

This was our first Christmas as a family by ourselves! EEk! So, keeping with my family's tradition I made frijoles borrachos {drunken beans, yum!!} and TAMALES....
 It's NOT Christmas without TAMALES...I think Jesus would LOVE this meal!

The biggest surprise in DFW was the snow God sent to us! Since we were by ourselves on the 25th, it was the perfect excuse to stay in PJs all day!

...this is reason #23 of why I will never move back to H-town. #23--Dallas/Fort Worth gets snow almost every winter! It has never snowed in DFW on Christmas {at least not the past 7 1/2 years that I've lived here}, so this snow day was a BIG deal! Texas BIG!

And just for fun...I caught Caleb redecorating my Christmas tree...apparently balls belong in the tree...ornaments are round too...duh mom!

Merry {late} Christmas, my friends!!!


  1. Vivian you are the best mom ever! It's so fun to see your traditions and I love everything about your style, the decorations, the PJ's-love it! So glad it was a very merry Christmas!

    1. awe thanks Amy!!! that made me smile =)

  2. Sweet, sweet Christmas! Snow in TX is a huge deal! We were in OKC and got a little snow for our guys first Christmas! Love the PJ's, and I agree, just bc we have boys doesn't mean we can't make their clothes cute with monograms!

    1. Thanks Emily! I have a monogramming love affair!


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