Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Harry Potter Halloween!

Everyone tells me that Caleb has my eyes, but looks like Bryan's twin. I always blush, and think "that's what they say about Harry Potter". Harry has Lily's eyes, and looks like his father, James. 
Yes, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan! 

Coming up with a Halloween costume was easy! What's cuter than a mini-Harry Potter?? Well, you might be able to think of a few things, but there's nothing cuter to me! Thankfully Bryan enjoys the Potter-film-saga, so he was cool with this costume idea. One day, {O I hope that Caleb likes HP} I plan on having a great BIG Harry Potter Halloween party! Caleb's 1st Halloween costume at least settled my desire for a HP festival...for now. 

Before we left for the Trick-or-Treating {ok, we only went to 3 houses to visit our friends}, we posted a sign for our visitors to direct them to the candy stash.

Then we headed off for the treating...

Finally, we went home to pass out candy!

When we got home I realized I had failed both as a mother and Harry Potter fan. I FORGOT to paint the scar on Caleb's head! I wanted to have a melt down, but instead I took a deep breath. Hey, that's what photoshop is for! And, if you noticed that the second photo from the top was the only one with the scar, then I'll buy you cupcake. 
{that's suppose to be Harry and Hedwig}

Caleb's favorite part of the night was watching all the children come to our door! Loved dressing our little man up as the best wizard ever! Ha! I hope your Halloween was just as magical!


  1. I LOVE his costume! I am a huge fan of HP! A Harry Potter themed Halloween party sounds so fun.

    1. Yay for HP fans!!! If I have the party then you're invited! =)

  2. Can't believe CK kept those big glasses on; and did he turn Ariel into a pumpkin? You ARE Crazy!! and you

    1. yep...Ariel went as a pumpkin! ...she rode in the stroller ha! <3

  3. Super cute! I did not notice that not all of the pictures had the scar lol.


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