Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy {11 Months} Caleb!

This is it! The last 25 days of having a "baby"...maybe we should start trying for baby K #2? Ha! Kidding. Sort of.

This month has been my FAVORITE month of Caleb's life! Every month has been a great month with Caleb, but I definitely think I was born to be a toddler momma, because I'm absolutely loving this stage!

Sweet Caleb,
Some days I will just stare at you because you look so much like your handsome daddy! People tell me that you are starting to look more like me {everyone says you have my eyes} but I see your daddy...and that's a good thing. You have been just a happy, bouncy baby this month.

You've gotten new teeth, but still remain a happy baby. You now have 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom. You have transitioned to 3 "big kid" meals a day, 2 snacks, and 4-5 Enfamil AR formula bottles. You use to love carrots, but after I let you try yogurt melts you won't eat carrots. So, no more junk food until you're 10. Ok, until you're 5. You're favorite snacks are yogurt melts and veggie sticks {they're organic chips}. Yea, I should have held off on the junk food. You love to eat off my plate, and that's a good thing because you'll eat anything...except carrots.

The big food news: you're not allergic to eggs or peanut butter! Thank goodness! Daddy eats eggs every morning and I love peanut butter, so we were hoping that you wouldn't have food allergies! The only fish you've had so far is tilapia, so hopefully you don't have a shell fish allergy. Maybe we'll let you try more seafood this month.

You're starting to walk with assistance. You walk around the house holding the couch, the ottoman, the walls, and you're push car. You'll walk holding one of my hands, but then you'll crawl because it's faster. The BIG mobile news: you took your first 2 steps the weekend before your 11 month birthday! Daddy and I were able to celebrate with you! I'm hoping you'll be walking by 1 year, but it's ok if you're not.

You've been sick a lot this month. You've had an ear infection, a sinus infection, croup, and a stomach virus. Wheew! You've been a champ through it all. The stomach virus was the worst! Daddy and I got it after you, and you are a tough little kid! Daddy acted like he was dying, and you handled the vomiting and diarrhea like a champ! You rarely complained {fussed}, and I'm hoping that you will be healthy for these next few months!

Handsome man, you are so loved and we thank God that you are in our lives!!!


  1. He is too cute Viv! I love that stage too!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks girl! Can you tell I have a chevron obsession?! =)

  3. He is SO cute! I'm jealous of how much he eats {what a good baby}--my daughter just turned one and lately she won't eat anything except Goldfish unless I force it down her throat. But yet she wants to nurse all day. So crazy.

    Enjoy this last month until Caleb's 1 :)

    1. Caleb could eat all day if I let him, but hopefully he'll continue to be a good eater ;-)

  4. Those just made my day!! New follower from the BlogHop; so happy to have found you!!

    1. Hi Kristin! It's nice to "meet" you! I'm following you too =)


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