Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy {8 Months} Caleb

Has it really been 8 months already?? Someone asked me the other day how old Caleb was, and I almost replied "6 months". I had to stop and think...wait...he's going to be 8 months in 2 days! 

We haven't gone to the doctor's this month {yay!}, so according to our home scale he weighs 24lbs. I'm not too sure how accurate that is, but I guess he's somewhere around that weight because he's wearing size 4 diapers and 12 month tops and 24 month bottoms. It's almost time to switch to a "big boy" carseat too! Our britax infant carrier can safely fit up to a 30lb baby, but Caleb keeps trying to sit up in it. He refuses to ride laying back. 

This month you have learned how to sit yourself up from any position. You fall asleep in your crib sitting up some times, and once you wake up...well, you immediately sit up. Sitting up is your new favorite position. Daddy lowered your crib setting to the lowest mattress position because you not only sit up, but you pull yourself up onto your knees. Let me show you big boy:

Yes, you are very talented. Most of the time you climb up to put something in your mouth. You can get in "crawling position" on all 4's and you rock back and forth, but still no crawling. It's ok! There's no rush, and honestly I kind of expected this. I was in L&D for 25hrs trying to get you out of my belly and into my arms, and you were on your own schedule {and that's ok, because if a 9lb 10.5oz baby were to have come out the "normal" way, there would have been some damage done! I'll explain when you're older}. 

So Caleb, when you're ready to crawl, you'll crawl, and I'll be here waiting with my camera and some baby proofing supplies.

Your daddy brags that he was walking by 8 months, but I brag that even though you're not crawling you still have managed to be mobile. You roll, you scoot, you do this interesting arm and one leg pull and scoot, and you get to different places. 

Well big boy, let's talk about your favorite subject...food. You're still drinking 7-8oz of milk 4-5 times a day, and eating 2 meals of baby food. Carrots and broccoli are still your favorite, and I've learned that blueberries are yummy, but are very scary coming out. Ya know what I mean?? You love to feed yourself Puffs and banana pieces, but it's hard with other finger foods because you don't have any teeth. 

 Poor kiddo, you are still teething. Just like your labor, this is going slow. I hope your bottom teeth pop out soon because it's painful for you sometimes. I can see the pearly whites beneath your gum, but the progress is super-duper slow.

Dada is still your favorite word, but you give me the most kisses! Yay! I give you extra Puffs for it!

 We have tons of fun playing together, and your favorite things are singing and reading books! You still don't realize that I'm tone deaf. Sweet child.

We keep trying to come up with a nickname for you. I call you "lover boy", but that will be just "our" thing, grandma kay calls you CK sometimes, daddy calls you "little man", and at your BFF's house your girl crush calls you "K". For now, you're Caleb. And my sweet lover boy.

Caleb, little man, CK, K...do you know how much we love you??

Happy 8 months, my lover boy!


  1. eh...hello??...Grandma K does call Caleb CK, but my very first nickname for Caleb was and will always be "my little Giant". God knows HE surprised me by having my tiny little slim baby girl birth a little Giant!!! I'm glad Bryan lowered the crib mattress, I wanted to suggest that to him a few weeks ago when we were there. It scared me and it is always the day you least expect it when the child decides he can stand up by holding to the rail. Scary.

  2. Oh my goodness! He is SO STINKIN' CUTE!!! His poses and faces are priceless!! :D Thanks so much for the follow! I am definitely following back and can't wait to read more! Have a great week, Viv!

  3. My little girl is 7 months...crawling, pulling up, going through things and it is such a workout! so curious and cute at this age-). Thanks for stopping by my blog-look forward to following along!


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