Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh, glorious Easter!

We had a glorious Easter, and I hope you did too!

My parents unfortunately don't live close by, so I look forward to the long weekends when they come to visit. This weekend was full of fun as we celebrated Easter as one big family!

My Easter basket was a special one this year

Caleb enjoyed being in the basket of eggs more than his own little goodie basket

I found a cute bucket at Walmart and jazzed it up with a monogram and sticker I made from Photoshop for Caleb's Easter basket

I had a simple Easter mantle decorated with a banner I made, printables, eggs, and owls {I have an owl obsession and owls find their way into every design}

We grilled leg of lamb steaks on Good Friday

We went to Joe T Garcia's and then Easter service on Saturday at The Village Church

I took my parents to Cabela's {hubby's favorite store}, to show them what all the fuss was about

Caleb was showered with love this weekend...

my dad couldn't put Caleb down

so spoiled with love...

{I taught Caleb to play with apps, and now he grabs my phone out of my hands...oh, dear}

Our 14-day Easter Activity was a hit, and I can't wait until Caleb is older. Next year, I'm going to hide the eggs every day and let him find them. 

Yes, we had a glorious Easter weekend!


  1. Hi Viv! Caleb is adorable! Found your blog via the Network hop! :) So glad to discover your fun blog! :) Will be following along. XO Courtney

    1. Thanks for stopping by Courtney! =)


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