Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Press Pause. Please.

If my life came with a handy remote control, I would gladly press pause! We are at the fun baby stage where Caleb is just as happy as can be, he is able to sit up {with some help}, he laughs at everything, and now he's rolling over {yes, all 19lbs of his little 4 month self!}!

I was able to capture him rolling over {the second time} and it was the funniest thing ever!

When Caleb realizes that he's on his tummy he gets mad...he still HATES tummy time!

Press pause, please. 

We celebrated Caleb's accomplishment by taking a walk to the neighborhood's frozen yogurt shop {hey-walking helps me burn my baby weight, right?}

  Too cool for school! {he also likes to take his paci in and out of his mouth now}

Oh, I just love these men!

I could spend all day just hanging out with this man

Please, oh, please, can we press pause!

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