Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness! Indeed.

March has been packed with events and outings for us!

I turned 27 on the 7th...

My little giant is starting to wear 12 month clothes {yes..he's only 4 months!} and we had fun dressing him up as Mickey {thanks to my california aunt & uncle!}

{I can't wait to take this guy to Disneyland & DisneyWorld one day!}

The weather in North Texas has been so nice lately, and I've been going on daily walks with my little giant...

Caleb's doctor said he's ready to start eating baby food, so this week we've been feeding Caleb one serving of rice cereal at his last feeding before bed {we're hoping this will help him start to sleep 6 hours straight...hoping}

He wasn't too sure about it at his first feeding...

...but this kid will eat anything you give him! He had his first ear infection 2 weeks ago and took his 3 different medications like a champ! 

My girlfriend came over for a playdate last week and this picture sums up the day:

...what sweet boys!

Amazon Mom recently opened up again {I had been on the waitlist since November!}, and I'm LOVING it! The savings and free shipping are great! I subscribe & save to Pampers and save 20% off diapers...cha ching!

Diapers being delivered to my front door...priceless! I'm officially addicted to Amazon now!

Lastly, we're transforming our {never used} dining room into a playroom for Caleb. My house is decorated with a coastal vibe, so I chose this fabric for my playroom inspiration:
Arg! Love this pirate fabric!

Currently my dining play room is a HOT mess! 

That's our March madness these days! It's a good kind of madness!


  1. Hi :) Hopping over from the Networking Blog Hop! Your son is so precious :) It's so sweet you'll have the photos of his first real food!!! I'm loving the fabric for the playroom too!!!!

    I'm also your newest follower :)

    Check out my blog sometime!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I was so glad I had my camera out at his first feeding...his faces were hysterical! I'm following your blog now too! =)

  2. Can't wait to see your old dinning room turned into your NEW kid's playroom. And what a wonderful thing it is to receive your baby products at your front door, amazing thing for all of you new moms. We didn't have that 27 yrs ago, not even 17! Love.

    1. everyone's gifts will be ordered from amazon now! I don't think I'll ever have to leave my house!! ;)


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