Monday, January 30, 2012

Working Momma!

Every Momma is a working Momma. Having a child, raising a child, and being a wife is a job in itself! Can I get an Amen?! So as I was preparing to go back to work {as in "the office", not my other 24/7 j.o.b.} I was a little nervous with how I was going to handle being a wife, a mother, and employee. My first thought was "are there enough hours in a day to have 3 jobs?!?". I'm going back to "the office" part-time, so my goal is to structure each day so I have enough time to get work done at "the office", clean my house, spend time with Caleb, cook dinner, spend time with my hubby, and have some quiet time with God {reading my Bible}. Not. enough. hours. 

I turned to some other bloggers for help and inspiration to organize my day better, and I needed to start by organizing how/when I cleaned and what to cook for dinners {quick/easy/healthy meals}. Let me share what I found and how it's working for us.

Here's my colorful command center, DIY dry erase, "to-do" board:

I found this great free printable from my favorite organizing blogger, Jen at I Heart Organizing. I used some contact paper to laminate this printable and turn it into a DIY dry erase board. The main purpose of this message board is to have a weekly chore schedule. The hubby and I came up with a schedule to clean one room of the house a day so that we don't spend an entire day cleaning, and so our weekends are spent as a family having fun.

We also use the board to plan our meals for the week... write "to-do's"...

...and leave a quick message for one another.

 Last week was my first week back at the office {8am-12pm}, and so far this little board is working for us and keeping us organized! I'll be back soon to share some fun and easy slow-cooker recipes I found {less time cooking=more time having fun with my little C-man}. And if you have any organizing tips please share them with me!!! I could use the help!!

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