Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Budget Nursery}: Painting

I will never paint an entire room stripes again. Never. {or not until I forget about how hard it was} It took me 2 full days to just tape the room. I thought, 'oh, I'll be a nice little wife and help my hubby tape the room since he will have to paint'. I didn't realize how long that would take. Thankfully my sister came over and helped me! She held the black & decker laser tool and I taped along the line. Sounds simple right? Yea, in theory. After day #1 of taping I had a break down that went like this: 'why did I volunteer myself to do this? I'm pregnant, why do I forget that? This is Whitney's fault. I wanted green walls and she said that would be too much color and I should do neutral, and so I picked the hardest neutral design to do!'. {Sorry, Whit, I love you!}
4 rolls of tape and 2 days later...the room was taped and ready for Mr. Big to paint. How long did it take my hubby, Mr. Big, to paint you ask? TWO HOURS!!!! I was a little bitter that day.

When I walk into the room now I LOVE it! All the hard work paid off because it came out exactly how I envisioned it from my inspiration room. {although, dear little Caleb will NOT be allowed to repaint his room...sorry kid this room is staying like this until we move!}

Here's how the room looks now:
{ignore the GIANT was a gift and will be in the guestroom until our playroom is finished}

The dresser is repainted and in the nursery now too:

So here's the final bill {and the bottom line for Mr. Big}:

1 Gallon of Benjamin Moore-Smoked Ember {Pearl Finish}
1 Gallon of Benjamin Moore-Decorators White {Pearl Finish}
Paint Total: $94

Rolls of tape: $20

Grand Total: $114

{I didn't go cheap frugal on paint because Benjamin Moore is the BEST! We've tried Valspar in our home and it takes gallons to spend a little extra and use Benjamin Moore! I think in the end the cost would even out}

So you have been warned....painting striped walls is hard. Proceed with caution.


  1. I love the walls! We are painting a wall in Ambs big girl room like this. Gonna check out your paint colors

  2. Chelsea-I'm so happy how the walls turned out (not so fun doing it ;-) ), you will love it for Ambs room!!

  3. Precious stripes!! But, I'll stick to solid colored walls. I don't do anything too labor intensive these days!

  4. Hahaha! I would agree! Take this time to rest--and ask for others to do the hard stuff!! ;-)


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