Friday, August 12, 2011

{Nursery Design}

Well, I honestly thought I was having a I have been planning a nursery design for a girl, not a boy. {everyone thought I was having a K's heart rate has been over 150 every visit, I felt him move starting at week 15, and he's been very active ever since...lesson is don't believe the "old wives tales} So, to jump start a design plan for a boy I asked my sorority sister and favorite fashionista, Whit, to help me come up with a plan. Originally I loved this room {I love the green, orange, and blue color scheme}:
But, Whit said that the green walls were a little "loud". She liked the bright colors, but suggested to go neutral on the wall color. So, I searched through all the other nursery ideas that I "pinned" on my Pinterest account and Whit emailed me some ideas too. Well, what do you know...we pulled the same nursery pic {we're sistas for sure!}. We both loved the grey and white striped walls from this design:

So, this room design is puurrrffeeccct! We will paint the walls grey and white stripes {by "we" I mean Mr. Big}. I have that white crib, I'm redoing a dresser to match the white dresser in the picture, and I have a beige glider that is similar to the white glider in the picture.

My favorite color is aqua and I have an obsession with Chevron print right now so I chose this fabric for the bumper on the crib bedding:

and I chose {thanks to Whit helping} this fabric for the bed skirt:

So, this is what the bumper and skirt will look like together:

I can't wait to see the final product! {so thankful for my friend Sarah who will be sewing the bedding!} And I'm going to be starting a series of posts called "Budget Nursery" to show you how I've been saving so much $money$ designing baby K's nursery! Let's just say, I want an Anthropologie design on a Walmart budget...and it CAN be done! 

Can't wait to share!

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